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Wed, Jul. 30th, 2008, 03:37 pm

My heart grows stronger every day. I realize I'm apprehensive. But really, I like that about myself. I'm so very very NOT apprehensive when it comes to accepting people I know are wonderful into my life, but I will be fucking picky when it comes to who I give even a single heartbeat to.
I feel almost stupid for the few heart beats I've dealt out recently. Can I afford to be frivolous with them? Why do I give them to people I'm not positive deserve them? I guess there are signs that tell me NO. And I should always listen. And I don't. And then I get my curiosity goin' and maybe I get my hopes up, and it's never what I expected and then I just feel like I wasted my time or energy. Or heart beats.

Please don't take my heart beats from me and leave them in a ditch. They're important to me.