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Mon, Jul. 6th, 2009, 11:26 pm
Monsters control me from inside.

"If you place your bets that I won't let them hurt you, you'll lose everything."

It's been years of me waiting around for you. Every day I
would hold my breath... This will be the one.
You'd say you cared. I claimed to believe you, but the truth is,
I never put much trust in you.
I wanted to. I wanted a lot for us. In the end,
either you gave up or I quit caring.

If it's girls who fuck you over you choose, meet your fucking dream come true.
I thought if we gave it a chance, it could be a turn around
for the both of us... You'd learn that you deserve love.
I'd learn I could give love to someone.
Turns out, you still can't choose. Turns out, I still
can't treat a man right.

Go ahead. Use me up. I'll just burn you in the end...
It'd be a bloody mess.
Call off the hounds. I'm long fucking gone...